How to Make Money and Network Using WarriorForum

Forum marketing is still an effective way of getting traffic and the best forum in the Internet marketing community is the Warrior Forum. It isn’t the largest forum in the Internet marketing world, but it is the best because of the professional atmosphere that is maintained there. The professional atmosphere is kept alive by the strong sense of community that exists there, where most of the members are always bouncing ideas off of each other and supporting each other when personal or financial problems arise.

A unique feature of the Warrior Forum is its Warrior Special Offer subforum, where established members with over thirty posts are allowed to sell products or services to other members. The two main conditions of these WSO’s as they are called are that they must be proprietary products or services and that their prices for Warriors must be exclusively discounted. A handful of savvy marketers have been able to take advantage of this forum and generate mid-to-high 5 figure incomes by selling their products and services on it.

During the peak hours of the day, the general discussion section of the forum is very busy and new threads that are posted there at these times are usually responded to within minutes. There are always opportunities for you to chime in to ask a question, post a comment, or answer a question. Members of this forum frown upon short posts that don’t contribute in any way such as “nice post”. However, if you make a genuine effort to contribute to the community, you’ll eventually start to make a name for yourself.

It is very easy to spot trends just by visiting the general discussion section of the forum. For example, two of the hottest trends in this forum during early 2009 were offline gold and Twitter marketing. There are three secrets to creating a wildly successful business on the Warrior Forum. The first option is to recognize these trends and establish yourself as an expert in one of these areas. Alternatively, establishing yourself as an expert in any field, whether you’re offering a product or service, will make you very popular amongst forum members. The last secret to success is to provide a service that everybody needs and to do it exceptionally well. Services that are always high in demand are content creation, link building, and graphic design.

The Warrior Forum is a tight knit community where people are always trying to answer your questions and giving you valuable advice. By becoming one of the people who answer the questions and give the advice, you’ll be positioning yourself as an expert. Warriors who realize this will often mention you in their posts if you are able to solve a problem that a member has. You’ll find that as you establish yourself on the forum, more and more people will get to know you. If people are impressed with you, then they will reward you by starting a viral campaign within the forum and possibly outside the forum as well telling others how valuable your product or service is and how it can help others.